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Go to Group & Premium (One-on-One) Lessons

Group & Premium (One-on-One) Lessons

Come, experience “The Art of Swordsmanship” at Fencing Masters. Simply a great way to start fencing and live to tell the tale. Group classes and Individual (Private) lessons are available.

Our comfortable and family friendly fencing salle will suit all your needs regardless of whether you are a competitive fencer who is after medals or the recreational fencer who wants to have fun, exercise and make fantastic friends.

Go to Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

The sport of Fencing is a fantastic way to realize strengths and weaknesses and emphasize concepts like perseverance, teamwork and performing under pressure. Our programme will help you and your staff learn, experience, bond and grow individually and as a team by working together to achieve overall goals.

We will work with you to help your team beat the competition! Touché!

Go to Fencing in Schools

Fencing in Schools

At Fencing Masters we believe that fencing is the Sport of Gentlemen and Ladies. Building Character and Inculcating Values are as important as learning Motor Skills and Coordination.

With our team of hand picked, experienced, international and locally certified fencing coaches, we are trusted by schools to provide a wholesome, enriching and fun fencing programmes.

Go to Classical Fencing Choreography & Pirate Parties

Classical Fencing Choreography & Pirate Parties

Fencing Masters breathes life into the Movies, Television and Theatre with our experience in Fencing Choreography.

Our coaches also do Pirate Themed Fencing parties where children can learn fencing on their special day!

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Our Team (Foil, Sabre, Épée)

"It takes a Village to Raise a Child"


Master Head Coach | Director of Coaching |

Foil . Sabre . Épée

♦ Fencing Masters resident Master Head Coach Jeffrey has had more than 43 years of experience in the sport of fencing, has been fencing since 1974 and has the NCAP Level 3 (Theory) Certification.
♦ A double Silver medallist & Bronze medallist at the South East Asian Games in 1987 for Singapore, Coach Lopez is a certified International Olympic fencing coach (IOC) and was the first full-time professional Singaporean Fencing coach.
♦ He has coached many international and national champions in all 3 weapons and age groups who have gone on to be coaches in other clubs.


Coach | Director | Finance

Coach Lois has NCAP level 1 (Theory) and loves coaching children.


Head Coach
Foil . Sabre . Épée

Fencing Masters Head Coach Shaun has a keen interest in Nutrition, Health and Fitness and has:
– Bachelor of Science (Sport Science) from UWA
– International Coaching Course Diploma from TF Budapest, Hungary (Foil, Sabre, Epee)
– NCAP Level 3 (Theory) Certification.



Coach Matthew has Diploma in Sport Science, NCAP level 1 (Theory) and was formerly from the Sabre National Team.



Coach Kelvin has NCAP level 1 (Theory), is enthusiastic about Épée and coaching young children.



Coach Doddy has NCAP level 1 (Theory), a passion for Foil and coaching young children.



Coach Nicholas has SG Coach Level 1 and enjoys fencing Épée and coaching young children.

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