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Go to Group or Premium (One-on-One) Lessons

Group or Premium (One-on-One) Lessons

Come, experience “The Art of Swordsmanship” at Fencing Masters Singapore. Simply a great way to start fencing and live to tell the tale.

Our comfortable and family friendly fencing salle will suit all your needs regardless of whether you are a competitive fencer who is after medals or the recreational fencer who wants to have fun, exercise and make fantastic friends.

Group classes to make friends and learn the sport!
Individual lessons at the salle or in the comfort of your home for tailored and fast track knowledge!

Go to Corporate Fencing & Team Building

Corporate Fencing & Team Building

The modern sport of Fencing is a fun and fantastic way to realize strengths and weaknesses and emphasize concepts like perseverance, teamwork and performing under pressure. Our programme will help you and your staff learn, experience, bond and grow individually and as a team by working together to achieve overall goals.

We will work with you to help your team beat the competition! Touché!

Go to Fencing in Schools

Fencing in Schools

At Fencing Masters Singapore we believe that modern sport of Olympic fencing is the Sport of Gentlemen and Ladies. Building Character and Inculcating Values are as important as learning Motor Skills and Coordination.

With our team of hand picked, experienced, international and locally certified fencing coaches, we are trusted by schools to provide a wholesome, enriching and fun fencing programmes.

We have started up many school fencing clubs and run many after exam fencing enrichment programmes through the years.

Go to Pirate Parties & Classical Fencing Choreography

Pirate Parties & Classical Fencing Choreography

Fencing Masters breathes life into the Movies, Television and Theatre with our experience in Fencing Choreography.

Our coaches also do Pirate Themed Fencing parties where children can learn fencing on their special day!

Need fencing choreography for theatre, plays, movie premieres or the screen? We’ve done them all! Speak to our team for more info…

About Fencing Masters

Fencing Masters Pte Ltd, a fencing academy in Singapore affectionately known by members as “FM”, was started in 1995 by our Master Head Coach and Director of Training, Jeffrey Lopez.

Having been a fencer in his youth and beginning to coach since 1976, he decided to follow his passion and fulfill his dream of starting a fencing club. Starting with 2 fencing pistes by sharing space with his old company, he started Singapore's first private fencing club.

In 1995, Master Head Coach Lopez decided to register Fencing Masters, a fencing club where the owners are themselves trained coaches. We strive to ensure that every lesson given is of the highest quality while imparting values, discipline and life skills.

Joined by Head Coach Shaun, Coach Lois and a few other coaches, Fencing Masters is now where the next generation of champions train. Training in all 3 weapons are available at Fencing Masters.

Come kickstart your fencing journey with Fencing Masters Singapore today!

Our Team

Introducing Our Capable Coaches


Master Head Coach | Director
Foil . Sabre . Epee
Individual . Group

Master Head Coach Jeffrey has had more than 50 years (as of 2024) of experience in the sport of fencing, has been fencing since 1974 and ) and has the NCAP Level 3 (theory) Certification.

Student Record
Many international and national champions in all weapons and all age groups, some of which have gone on to be coaches in other clubs.
Fencing Masters Master Head Coach Jeffrey is a double Silver medallist & Bronze medallist at the South East Asian Games (SEA games) in 1987 for Singapore, Coach Lopez is a certified International Olympic fencing coach (IOC) and the first full-time professional Singaporean Fencing coach in Singapore.


Head Coach
Foil . Sabre . Epee
Individual . Group

Head Coach Shaun has more than 17 years (as of 2024) of Coaching experience. He did a Bachelor of Science (Sport Science), the International Coaching Course Diploma (Foil, Sabre, Epee) and has the NCAP Level 3 (Theory) Certification.
Coach Shaun also has a PostGrad Dip. in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Comittee.

Student Record
Age group champions and division medallists.


Coach | Director
Epee . Foil

Coach Lois has more than 10 years (as of 2024 of Coaching experience teaching group classes.

Coach Lois has NCAP level 1 (Theory) and loves coaching children.

Student Record
Age group medallists.


Sabre . Foil . Epee
Individual . Group

Coach Matthew has a Diploma in Sport Science and has more than 5 years of Coaching experience.

Coach Matthew has NCAP level 1 (Theory) and was formerly from the Sabre National Team.

Student Record
Divison medallists.


Epee . Foil

Coach Kelvin has more than 5 years of Coaching experience teaching group classes.
Fencing Masters Coach Kelvin has NCAP level 1 (Theory) and loves fencing Epee and coaching children.


Foil . Epee

Coach Doddy has more than 4 years of Coaching experience teaching group classes.
Fencing Masters Coach Doddy has NCAP level 1 (Theory) and represented his College in overseas competitions.


Junior Coach

Coach Gordon has NCAP level 1 (Theory) and was formerly from the Sabre National Team.


Junior Coach

Fencing Masters Junior Coach Janson has SG Coach Level 1.


Junior Coach

Fencing Masters Junior Coach Woo has SG Coach Level 1.


Junior Instructor
Foil . Epee

Fencing Masters Instructor Amanda has SG Coach level 1 (Theory) and more than 1 year of Coaching experience teaching group classes.
How People Feel About Us

"Ancient Art - Modern Sport"

Fencing Masters brings reel life theatrical antics to real life. The modern sport of Olympic fencing, for recreation or competition, is an interactive sport that develops physical fitness, quick reactions, speed, agility and excellent hand & body co-ordination.

Called a Western Martial Art by some, fencing demands total concentration & calls for craftiness and an economy of hand and arm movements whilst developing analytical minds and the tactical awareness to do 'battle'. To some, fencing has been described as 'physical chess' at lightning speed. Some say it is ballet with swords! The sweeping swaths cut by cinematic musketeers would have left them open to quick "touches" on a fencing strip and a measure of D'Artagnon's bravado is essential since, despite protective clothing and wire mesh masks, considerable force is behind the steel blades of the thrusting Foilists and Epeeists and the slashing Sabreurs.
It is truly one of the few physical sports where Men & Women compete on equal terms.
Be it in Foil, Sabre or Epee ... Come experience "The Art of Swordsmanship" at Fencing Masters. Simply a great way to start fencing and live to tell the tale.

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