October 15, 2015

Our Programmes

Regardless of whether you are:

  • the Competitive fencer who is after medals and the chase of glory in competition
  • the Recreational fencer who wants to have fun, make fantastic friends and experience the thrill of battle
  • the FencExerciser who just wants a unique way to exercise and workout …

Fencing Masters has the programme for you!FM group pic

    • Group Lessons
      Learn in a group to take advantage of group dynamics to make friends and have fun!

    • Schools
      We have had fencing programmes in the Singapore Sports Council’s (SSC) Sport Enrichment Programme (SEP) since 2007 and we coach the school teams of many Primary, Secondary, Junior College and Tertiary Institutions.

    • Classical Fencing Choreography
      Fencing Masters breathes life into the Movies, Television and Theatre with our experience in Fencing Choreography.

    • Pirate Parties
      Our coaches also do Pirate Themed Fencing parties where children can learn fencing Pirate style on their special day!

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